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Strictly Professional

  Strictly Professional. Facial Products.  
SPB0631 Facial Care Kit Normal/Dry Skin  £10.60
SPB0632 Facial Care Kit Oily/Combination Skin £10.60
SPB0633 Facial Care Kit with Collagen £12.20
SPB0638 Facial Care Kit Sensitive Skin £12.20
SPB0080 Cleanser (Normal/Dry Skin) 500ml £3.80
SPB0410 Toner (Normal/Dry skin) 500ml £3.80
SPB0270 Moisturiser (Normal/Dry Skin) 500ml £4.40
SPB0594 Hydrating Mask 450ml £5.60
SPB0100 Cleanser (Oily/Combination Skin) 500ml £3.85
SPB0430 Toner (Oily/Combination Skin) 500ml £3.85
SPB0290 Moisturiser (Oily/Combination Skin) 500ml £4.35
SPB0575 Deep Cleansing Mask 450ml £5.95
SPB0105 Cleanser (With Collagen) 500ml £4.75
SPB0435 Toner (With Collagen) 500ml £4.45
SPB0296 Moisturiser (With Collagen) 500ml £5.05
SPB0597 Gel Mask ( With Collagen ) 450ml £7.25
SPB0109 Cleanser ( Sensitive Skin ) 500ml £4.75
SPB0442 Toner ( Sensitive Skin ) 500ml £4.45
SPB0302 Moisturiser ( Sensitive Skin ) 500ml £5.05
SPB0599 Gentle Facial Mask 450ml £7.25
SPB0174 Eye Make-Up Remover 150ml £2.95
SPB0175 Eye Make-Up Remover 500ml £4.35
SPB0585 Facial Exfoliant 450ml (with olive stone granules) £5.85
SPB0570 Deep Cleansing Cream 450ml £4.90
SPB0580 Facial Massage Cream 450ml £4.90
SPB0620 SP: Petroleum Jelly 450ml £4.95
SPB0350 SP Rose Water 500ml £3.70
SPB0360 SP Rose Water 4 Litre £12.95
SPB0460 SP Witch Hazel 500ml £4.20
SPB0470 SP Witch Hazel 4 Litre £19.60
SPB0390 SP Surgical Spirit 500ml £3.00
SPB0395 SP Surgical Spirit 1 Litre £3.70
SPB0400 SP Surgical Spirit 4 Litre £13.50
  Strictly Professional. Body Products  
SPB0210 SP Body Lotion 500ml £4.05
44021 Body Lotion 4 Litre £14.20
SPB0250 Massage Oil 500ml £4.50
SPB0260 Massage Oil 4 Litre £19.80
SPB0600 Massage Cream 450ml £5.05
SPB0557 Body Exfoliant 450 ml £6.70
SBW0010 Body Contour Gel 1000ml £33.50
SBW0030 Body Wrap Bandages 3 x 3 metres £24.80
SBW0027 Body Contour Scrub 450ml £11.00
SBW0025 Body Contour Cellulite Cream 150ml £7.70
SBW0000 Body Contour Wrap Starter Kit £144.00
  Galvanic & High Frequency Gels.  
  ( for machine based treatments )  
SPB0867 Micro-Current Non-Surgical Face Lift Gel.( CLEAR ) NEW 500ml £13.95
HBA0500 Space/Thermal Blanket ( 84" x 56" ) £3.95
HBA0500 Space/Thermal Blanket ( 84" x 56" ) 12+ rate £3.50


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Solutions by HIVE

  Solutions by HIVE  
HBA1800 Petroleum Jelly 75ml £2.05
SOL0770 Purified Water 4 Litre £2.75
SOL0870 Rose Water 500ml £2.95
SOL0920 Witch Hazel 500ml £3.95
SOL0900 Surgical Spirit 500ml £3.50
BWCARD BeautyWarehouse.General Record Cards. PINK ( 50 ) £3.95

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Salon System Thai Skin Therapy ( Discontinued )

0206121 Thai Skin Therapy Eye Make Up Remover 250ml SOLD OUT
0206122 Thai Skin Therapy Refresh Cleanser 250ml SOLD OUT
0206207 Thai Skin Therapy Adzuki Bean Facial Wash 250ml SOLD OUT
0206123 Thai Skin Therapy Awaken Toner 250ml SOLD OUT
0206124 Thai Skin Therapy Refine Exfoliator 300ml £5.65
0206128 Thai Skin Therapy Radiance Mask 300ml SOLD OUT
0206125 Thai Skin Therapy Balance Moisturiser 50ml SOLD OUT
0206126 Thai Skin Therapy Rejuvenate Moisturiser 50ml SOLD OUT
0206129 Thai Skin Therapy Balance Treatment 50ml SOLD OUT
0206130 Thai Skin Therapy Rejuvenate Treatment 50ml SOLD OUT
0206127 Thai Skin Therapy Replenish Eye Serum 15ml SOLD OUT
0206206 Thai Skin Therapy Brighten Yuzu Serum 15ml SOLD OUT
0216136 Thai Treatments Aromatic Oils 50ml SOLD OUT